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Acoustic foam materials for effective noise protection.

Sound insulation and noise protection are becoming increasingly important

Since noise exposure is steadily increasing, the demand for sound insulation and noise protection is also raising. On the one hand, this can be realized by appropriate structural measures, such as in the windows or doors area, right from the beginning. On the other hand, in acute cases, a subsequent optimization of the room acoustics is required. Usually a substantial improvement may be achieved using convoluted foam or pyramid shaped foam. Even from an optical point of view, acoustic foam materials are convincing, being available in various designs and grades.

PUR or melamine resin convoluted foam

To optimize your room acoustics or to realize an effective sound insulation and noise protection, foam is an excellent material. Using the following products, high or low sound frequencies may be absorbed at a reasonable price:

  • PUR convoluted foam RG 25kg/m³ anthracite, grey, convoluted profile
  • PUR convoluted foam RG 30kg/m³ anthracite, flame retardant, fire resistant
  • Melamine resin foam RG 10 kg/m³ white or grey, pyramid shaped

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