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As filter material, foam convinces and works.

Filter foam materials for any need

Through the reticulation process of foam, pervious-to-air and water-permeable properties are resulting. Our coarse to fine-porous filter foam materials are ideal as ventilation or water filters to retain impurities of any kind. This works equally in the air and in the water, for example in the use of air filters in air conditioners or as filter foam in water purification in aquariums. To ensure an efficient cleaning process, a foam filter material must be selected, which satisfies perfectly the mechanical and biological requirements. Only in this way a safe pollutant degradation is also ensured, whether in the water or in the air.

Polyether foam as filter material

Take advantage of the following properties:

  • open-cell structure thanks to reticulation
  • high resistance to ozone and oxygen
  • high temperature resistance
  • very resistant
  • different grades and dimensions
  • different colours
  • large field of applications
  • CFC-free
  • recyclable

Filter foam made to measure

For customized cutting get advice by one of our professionals. Get in touch using the Contact form or select a Contact person, we will be glad to support you in making the right choice for the optimal filter grade.