We get your products intact around the world: perfectly protected and safely packaged. ABENA AG - your partner for foam packaging solutions.

Each product deserves respect and its own packaging.

Our approach to your solution

In an initial consultation, we record your needs for the required packaging, such as:

  • Fragility of the product
  • Selecting the packaging material
  • Loads caused by transport
  • Disposable or reusable solution

After a short phase of planning, design and production, we will present you with your new transport and packaging solution, which meets all your requirements for the product and the transport load individually and systematically. We are flexible, innovative, fast and cost-efficient.

Our technical opportunities

Your orders are processed, accurate to the millimetre and at high speed. This is ensured by our state-of-the-art machinery, and we are continuously investing.

  • Water jet cutting of PUR and PE foam
  • Vertical and horizontal contour cutting
  • Splitting of PUR and PE block foam materials
  • Punching, milling and grooving